Summer Must Haves
Summer Must Haves
Summer Must Haves

Summer Must Haves

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Summer Savers Bundle - Perfect for a sun-soaked getaway!

Product Use Guide:

1. Mini Bring Me Back to Life Hair Mask (50ml)
How to Use: Kick off your hair care routine with this deep nourishing mask. Ideal for rejuvenating hair stressed by sun, sea, and sand, apply it to damp hair, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse to reveal softer, revitalized locks.

2. Mini Pull the Curl Trigger Definition Cream (50ml)
How to Use: Post-mask, apply this cream to enhance and define your natural curls or waves. It helps manage frizz and adds playful definition, making your hair ready for any beachy activity.

3. Mini Locks So Glossy Serum (30ml)
How to Use: For that extra shine and smooth finish, work a small amount of this serum through damp or dry hair. It’s great for controlling frizz and adding a glossy sheen that mirrors the summer sun.

4. Sunsational Sunscreen Oil (100ml)
How to Use: Protect your skin from the harsh UV rays with this lightweight sunscreen oil. Apply generously to exposed skin areas before sun exposure. It’s essential for keeping your skin healthy and guarded while you enjoy the outdoors.

Benefits of Using then all Together:

This bundle is your ultimate travel companion for fabulous summer days. Start with the hair mask to repair and moisturize, followed by the definition cream to keep those curls looking cute and controlled. Add a dash of the glossy serum for radiant hair that shines as bright as the summer sky. And don't forget the sunscreen oil, crucial for protecting your skin from sun damage. Together, these products ensure your hair and skin are both looking their best, letting you soak up the fun worry-free! Enjoy your getaway with style and protection! 🌞🌴