Define & Plop
Define & Plop

Define & Plop

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Define & Plop: Curl Boss Bundle!

Product Use Guide:

  1. Pull the Curl Trigger Definition Cream (200ml)
    How to Use: This is your go-to for next-level curl definition. Apply it to damp hair to enhance and define your natural curls or waves. It provides a flexible hold that keeps your style fresh without the crunch.

  2. 3am Abdo Plopping Shirt
    How to Use: After applying your definition cream, use this ultra-soft t-shirt to plop your hair. This technique helps to reduce frizz while drying. Simply lay the shirt out, flip your curls onto it, wrap and tie it around your head. Let it sit while your curls set to perfection. Alternatively, rock it as a comfy outfit piece to flaunt your style.

Routine Benefits: With this duo, you're all set to rock flawless curls with minimal effort. The definition cream boosts your hair’s texture and volume, while the plopping shirt locks in the style with a smooth finish. It's the ultimate hack for killer curls that stay defined and fabulous all day. Perfect for stepping up your hair game whether you're chilling at home or out on the town!