Super Savings Set
Super Savings Set

Super Savings Set

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Super Savings Set! TWO of everything below

Product Use Guide:

1. Rooting for You Follicle Activator (100ml) - Twice a week
How to Use: Before anything else, hit up your scalp with this activator. Apply it, give it a good rub for up to 4 hours to get those follicles jumping, then wash it out thoroughly.

2. Shower Me with Love Shampoo (400ml)
How to Use: Clean off all that activator and any other buildup with this shampoo. It's your go-to for getting your hair primed and ready for some serious conditioning action.

3. Bring Me Back to Life Hair Mask (250ml) - Twice a week
How to Use: Post-shampoo, slather on this mask. Whether you need a quick 30-min revamp or an all-night hair therapy session, keep it on anywhere from half an hour to 12 hours, then rinse it out.

4. Love Me Unconditionally Conditioner (250ml)
How to Use: After rinsing out the mask, this conditioner is your next step. It'll help you detangle and smooth out your hair, boosting hydration and manageability.

5. Pull the Curl Trigger Definition Cream (200ml)
How to Use: Got curls? Define them with this cream after conditioning. It adds the perfect amount of hold to keep your waves or curls popping without the crunch.

6. Sunsational Sunscreen Oil (100ml)
How to Use: Lastly, don’t forget your skin – shield it from the sun with this sunscreen oil. Smooth it on before you step out to keep those UV rays in check.

Routine Benefits:
Rock this routine to keep both your hair and skin looking fire. From growth kicks to deep conditioning and curl popping, you’ve got all the essentials. Plus, the hair mask's flexible timing fits your busy life or chill days—your call. Stay fresh, protected, and totally in control of your look!