Revive & Shine
Revive & Shine

Revive & Shine

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Revive your hair and boost its shine!

Product Use Guide:

1. Bring Me Back to Life Hair Mask (250ml)
How to Use: Start your hair revival session with this deep conditioning mask. Apply it to clean, damp hair, let it sit and soak in the goodness to repair and rejuvenate your strands. It’s your first step towards luscious, lively locks.

2. Pull the Curl Trigger Definition Cream (200ml)
How to Use: After rinsing out the hair mask and towel-drying, define your curls or waves with this cream. It enhances your natural texture, providing control and bounce without the crunch.

3. Mini Locks so Glossy Serum (30ml)
How to Use: The final touch—apply this glossy serum to add a shiny, sleek finish. It tames frizz and adds a silky sheen that’ll turn heads. Use it on damp hair for distribution or on dry hair to polish and perfect your style.

Benefits of Using Together:

This trio is your golden ticket to not just revived hair, but hair that dazzles. The hair mask lays down the foundation with deep moisture and repair, setting the stage for defined, manageable curls from the definition cream. Cap it off with the glossy serum, and you’ve got a stunning shine that lasts.